Students Applaud Freeze to Tuition and Fees

News Staff - Thu Jun 18, 2015

Edmonton, Alberta – Students are very excited to hear that the Alberta government is making large strides to protect and enhance the affordability of post-secondary education for Alberta’s families.

In recent years, students have been forced to pay more for less, with cutbacks to programs coming at the same time as tuition hikes. Today, the new government has reversed these regressive policies, with additional funding for post-secondary institutions coming alongside a tuition freeze. While tuition is just one of the major costs of attending post-secondary, students applaud Premier Notley’s move to follow through on her election promise to freeze tuition and fees.

The Government has announced:

  • A two year freeze for tuition and mandatory non-instructional fees for which the shortfall to institutions will be funded by the government
  • A rollback of the Market Modifier tuition hikes which will also be funded by the government
  • An increase in post-secondary funding

It is important to note that this will be a funded freeze, meaning institutions will not lose out on crucial funding, and that quality of education will continue to be supported.

“This is just incredible. In all my years of student advocacy, I have never seen such large changes come all at once,” said Navneet Khinda, Students’ Union President.

“We have been lobbying for predictability, accessibility, and affordability in the tuition and funding models for years and I’m delighted to see the results.”

Alberta currently has the lowest post-secondary attainment rate in Canada, and students are hopeful that the provincial government will continue with these positive steps to increase post-secondary accessibility.

“I’m looking forward to a comprehensive review of tuition and funding models in this province,” added Vice President External Dylan Hanwell.

“There are some big changes that still need to be made and we’re happy to be heading in a positive direction for our students.”

For more information, please contact:

Simon Yackulic

External Communications and Media Advisor

University of Alberta Students' Union


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