SUB Renovation Update: Site preparation for Phase 2 of storm sewer relocation work

News Staff - Thu Sep 19, 2013

Recent activity on the Students’ Union Building Renovation project (see also our Update issued August 30) has included excavation work to remove obsolete steam pipes between the 89 Avenue service road and the Students’ Union Building.

The large concrete planter on the south side of the Students' Union Building was removed to facilitate access to the existing storm sewers.

This was the final work needed in order to prepare the area for Phase 2 of the storm sewer relocation, which is expected to start on September 28. A separate Update will be issued early next week with full details of the Phase 2 work.

For more information, please contact Nigel Brachi, at or 780.492.4241.

General information about the SUB Renovation project is available on the web at The project will be funded by a referendum-approved, CPI-indexed fee of $9 per term and an annual cash contribution from the Students’ Union operating funds. Additional funding is being sought from outside donors and vendors, with some key contributions already secured from business partners of the Students’ Union.

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